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1Diabetic Prevention Program vendors will provide information on classes held by participating providers. Participants must qualify based on guidelines set by Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Solera Health and Omada Health are independent companies and operate separately from Florida Blue. These organizations do not sell or service Florida Blue products; they offer the Better You Diabetes Prevention Program and are solely responsible for products and services referenced here.

Health insurance is offered by Florida Blue. HMO coverage is offered by Florida Blue HMO, an affiliate of Florida Blue. These companies are Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Florida Blue has selected Solera to administer our in-person healthy living program. Solera is an independent company and operates separately from Florida Blue. Florida Blue has entered into an arrangement with Omada Health, an independent company, whereby Omada Health has agreed to provide Florida Blue members with an online healthy living program, information and other services. Florida Blue has entered into this arrangement to provide a value-added service to its members. Please remember that all decisions that require or pertain to independent professional medical/clinical judgment or training, or the need for medical services, are solely your responsibility and the responsibility of your physicians and other health care providers. The program mentioned above is subject to change.

We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate. You may access the Nondiscrimination and Accessibility notice here.

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